Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution

HTC Group is a leading provider of vans, trucks, and parts with the option of being tailored for the temperature-controlled storage and distribution industry. Choose from built-to-order trucks or pre-built, industry-specific vehicles, including a diverse range of used trucks for cost-effective options.

With over 20,000 parts lines, including DAF and TRP parts, we ensure rapid, accurate service crucial for maintaining the cold chain. HTC can help your company on its decarbonisation journey. Explore our van sales featuring Fiat and Maxus electric vans, promoting sustainability in cold chain logistics.

HTC Group supports DAF truck and van customers in smoothly transitioning to electric fleets, aligning with sustainable refrigeration options. As part of our turnkey solution for EV’s we can offer Paccar Chargers, a range of AC and DC chargers, specified to your power your fleet, both now and in the future. Additionally, HTC has partnered with fleet electrification specialist Flexible Power Systems to offer end-to-end electrification services. This collaboration enhances the seamless transition to electric vehicles for our customers, combining HTC's vehicle expertise with FPS's data-oriented electrification solutions.

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