Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution

Flexible Power Systems is a software and charge point services provider that works with all classes of electric commercial fleets.

We are a systems integrator, leveraging advanced algorithms and real-time data analytics to empower fleet managers to make informed decisions wherever they are in their decarbonisation journey. We work across hardware and software to make the many complex parts of an EV fleet ecosystem (vehicles, chargers, power management, data, and IT systems) work individually and collectively. This reduces capital, operating costs and carbon emissions, whilst improving reliability, operating efficiency, resilience, and reporting.

We work at any or every stage of the electrification journey: Plan optimises capex spend and roll out; Deploy provides hardware innovation and manages infrastructure delivery; Operate manages EVs and infrastructure in real time.

Our software is used by John Lewis Partnership, Sainsbury's, and South Western Railways to manage their fleet electrification planning and management.

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