Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution

Hubl Logistics is at the forefront of sustainable temperature-controlled transportation and is dedicated to revolutionising food distribution with zero-emission technologies. The company's flagship product, the CoolRun pod and its supporting technologies enable zero-emission temperature-controlled transport and address these significant issues within the current last-mile delivery network.

Every day, a fleet of 15,000 refrigerated food trucks enters Greater London, emitting 84,000 tonnes of CO2 and other harmful NO2 emissions annually into densely populated areas. CoolRun pods utilise passive cooling technology – featuring a thermal battery and novel airflow systems - maintaining optimum temperatures, chilled or frozen for up to 30 hours, enabling the movement of temperature-sensitive goods across the country, whilst emitting zero refrigeration. These mobile units eliminate the need for in-built chiller units and thereby remove emissions (including NOX, SOX and CO2) while seamlessly integrating into existing supply chains.

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