Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution

As a leading innovator in an industry always on the move, BPW has an enviable worldwide reputation for producing quality, engineered trailer components. Its extensive portfolio ranges from axles and suspensions, electric axle modules, braking systems, and load-securing to user-friendly truck and trailer telematics applications, including features like an Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring System and Tyre Pressure Monitoring. BPW technologies and services allow for economical, efficient, and transparent transport processes.

BPW introduces ePower - an electric axle module that recovers energy when the trailer moves, and engages when the vehicle reaches 15 km/h.

This two-generator axle supplies the right amount of energy needed at any given time, enabling a carbon-neutral and quiet power supply to refrigerated units for temperature-controlled transport. Equipped with four generator modes, this highly innovative energy recovery system for refrigerated trailer units delivers immediate and long-term sustainable benefits whilst helping cut day-to-day operating costs.

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